Jocko Podcast 187: Principles and Tactics with Creativity Dominates All. MCDP 1-3 Tactics, with Dave Berke


And for everyone else out there, you’ve got to remember that we’re at war, you’re at war. Maybe not a war in the classic sense of the word, that you’re out there with a weapon and you’re fighting against a uniformed enemy.

But make no mistake, life - and I know this may sound harsh - is a war against time, a war against weakness, a war against ego, a war against the most base part of you as a human being.

So as the Marine Corps doctrine says, actively and aggressively seek it out and when the opportunity arrives,

level every ounce of power you can muster, pushing beyond the limits of exhaustion to achieve total victory.

So until next time, this is Jocko and Dave - out.


It’s your life. Are you winning or losing the war? What are you willing to change?

★ ACT ★

What would it look like to push beyond the limits of exhaustion to achieve total victory TODAY? Now go do it. Let us know what you’re going to crush today to start winning the war in The Brotherhood.


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