From Jocko Podcast 277 Epilogue 2:29:00 featuring Jocko Willink and Dakota Meyer

JW: Remember that life is hard and no matter who you are, you’re going to face challenges, vicious challenges. At some point you’re going to be let down and you’re going to let other people down. You’re going to have failures, then you’re going to have more failures. You’re going to be uncomfortable and you’re going to be alone and every one of you out there, all of us, you’re going to lose somebody that you love.

That’s the way life is. That’s what life is. And through all of that, just remember that you have to get up. Remember to give thanks for what you do have; remember to give thanks for what you can do; remember that your worst day is someone else’s dream.

Our last living legacy is a tombstone – that tombstone has your name and it states the day you were born and the day you died. But what really matters is that little dash in-between – that’s your life. So go out there and live it.

– Jocko Willink


Imagine today is your last day. Let that sink in. The Stoics' ethos was memento mori - remember death – and it was central to everything they believed.


Here’s the “dream death day” exercise. Take out a piece of paper. Write down how you want your last day to go. If you could design every detail, how would it go down? Who is around you, what are you doing, where are you, etc. Then answer the most important question: who am I and what do I want to be remembered for? Now get started living that out today. Share with The Brotherhood.

Get Some

Death is coming for us all. Remember that when your head hits the pillow tonight. Remember that when you’ve got the chance to do a little more, push a little harder. And every time you feel the cold silver bite of this Memento Mori medallion against your skin. Grab it here.


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