Featuring Eric Bana and Marc Maron on the WTF podcast

Know Yourself

EB: "Quite often, what you're saying no to is something that you know is going to work. It's not like I'm only saying yes to something that's going to be amazing and work. I'll say yes to stuff that I know is going to be a struggle commercially and I'll say no to stuff that I know is going to be huge. You have to do that - I'm not an accountant!

You have to feel free. It's easier said than done but it's really important."

– Eric Bana


Think about the day or week ahead of you. Identify one thing you've said yes to that you really don't want to do. Ask yourself why you said yes - maybe it's people pleasing, maybe it's to avoid confrontation, avoid letting someone down, keep up an appearance that's not authentically you, etc.


Believe in yourself, stand up for yourself and decide to change in a small way today. It's probably not right to cancel your commitment, but think of another one you haven't committed to yet and say NO! Saying yes to one thing means you are saying no to 10 other things, and you can't make another minute so treat the ones you are given like gold!

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