From Jocko Podcast episode 84 2:34:00: "18 Platoon" by Sydney Jary.  Trust, Discipline, and Creativity in Leadership


Sydney Jary captures it. You miss the mission and you miss the men. And of course you miss the fallen. As the British call them, the glorious dead. You wonder, what would have become of them? Where would they be now? And you wonder why. Why them? Why was it them?

The fallen have given us this gift of life, this gift of freedom.

But there's more. The rest of us, we grow old and time passes us by. But the fallen do not age. Time has no effect on them. They remain young and bold and brave and unconquerable. And so we remember them that way, as they were and as they will always be.

Our heroes – heroes who walk no more and yet walk everywhere with us.

Who smile no more and yet never stop smiling. Heroes who live no more yet never stop living. Friends who shine no more and yet never stop shining.

That is the other gift that they give us. The fortune to bask in their light.


– Jocko Willink

Photo courtesy Jocko Podcast 84




Remember someone you loved and lost. Feel. Remember.

★ ACT ★

Tell someone you love that they matter today. Text your mom you love her. Forgive a friend and patch things up.



Sadly the book 18 Platoon is out of print but keep an eye out for it here. You’ll be glad you did.

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