I love Winston Churchill’s definition of success:

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

What would it look like to start running toward failure today? (Like this ⤵︎)



Think about the last time you failed at something you really care about. How did you respond? Did you feel heavy, sad, discouraged, depressed, hopeless? I did until...


Those three words changed everything for me. Jocko Willink was the first one to break it down so simply and help me conquer a lifetime of perfectionism by reframing failure as the only way to learn. Does a baby speak perfectly the first time? Do you ride a bike without ever falling off? No!

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly (at first).

Now I run toward failure because that's how I will get 1% better today. It's only a failure if I fail to learn from it.

To the ancient Stoic philosophers, the obstacle is the way – it’s an opportunity, a chance to be better, to do better, to start over, to revaluate, to practice.


Give yourself the freedom to fail today.

  • Think of one thing you want to do, or be, that is just out of reach – something you know you're not quite good enough for yet, something that scares you. That's your challenge.
  • Write it down on paper and stuff it in your pocket with your phone.
  • Every time you reach for your phone today, remember your challenge. Imagine yourself in your mind accomplishing it. Say out loud "I can do it. I am doing it. I will do it. I must do it."

Now go fail your way to a very small win today.


– Daniel

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