From Jocko Podcast 127 with T. Fred Harvey: Hell Yes, I'd Do It Again. Lessons From Iwo; 1:52:00


And to the rest of you:

Life can be hard, and life can be challenging, and life can contain a fair amount of suffering, but you know what?

It's the one life you've got.

So go and live a life that in the end allows you to look back and say hell yes I’d do it again.


*** THINK***

When your head hits the pillow tonight, what will you regret if you don’t wake up tomorrow?

*** ACT ***

  1. Get a piece of real paper (not on your phone).
  2. Write “My Bucket List” at the top.
  3. Write down as many things as you can think of that you want to do before your last day.
  4. Take a picture and save it as your phone screensaver.
  5. Share with The Brotherhood for encouragement.



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