Every hero has an origin story.

Here's mine.


November 22 2018.

That was the day I hit "idea junkie rock bottom". A 40 year old man ugly crying at the end of my bed, I realized something had to change.

I didn't like myself. My life was a wreck, even though it looked OK on the outside. Business, family, relationships, self worth - all tanking. Why? I couldn't answer one simple question: what do I want.

That's the day my clarity quest began.

I redefined success as knowing myself. I searched for new heroes I admired – I call them my shadow mentors – and started decoding their superpowers and fatal flaws. I began curating rules that I read every morning to discover my inner compass, reprogram my mind, control my actions and guide my Path.

Each rule points to a personal story with a legendary lesson. Through many failures and few successes – WIN OR LEARN - clarity begins to show itself.

And with clarity, transformation into the man who is worthy to design and live the life he loves. Aka The Hero.

These are the treasures I've picked up along my Hero's Journey so far. I hope they help guide you on yours.